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How do I join bacta?

To become a bacta member simply email Theresa Risby at or call on 0207 730 6444 with the name and address of your business and a membership application pack will be sent to you.

The pack contains documents highlighting bacta's role, what we as an Association stand for and the benefits of joining bacta.  Should you wish to become members, a Membership Application form, Direct Debit mandate and subscription rate card are also enclosed.  (Please note you can verify how many representatives you are entitled to under your membership on the rate card).

Who Should Join bacta

Generally businesses join bacta as Ordinary Members. Ordinary Membership is open to all eligible companies, organisations and individuals (over the age of 18) who are arcade owners, suppliers, operators, distributors or manufacturers directly engaged in the industry. The business then nominates individuals to represent its membership in bacta.

Associate Membership

Associate (non-voting) Membership is available to any business or person who is:
  • Engaged in a trade ancillary to the amusement machine industry
  • A company directly engaged in the amusement machine business ie. lawyers, Insurance Brokers, component part manufacturers, printers etc.

Why Should I Join bacta?

Show your customers and regulators that you belong to a Trade Association with a respected reputation for social responsibility and adherence to the three licensing objectives:

  • Keeping crime out of gambling
  • Ensuring gambling is conducted fairly and openly
  • Protecting children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling

Joining bacta has many benefits:

  • A weekly bacta newsletter is sent to all members detailing current information on subjects such as Machine Gaming Duty, Triennial Review and Primary Gambling Activity. This also keeps members updated with important meeting dates, information regarding the annual bacta Convention, the EAG International show plus up and coming charity fundraising events.
  • Free legal advice to members through our in-house legal Counsel.
  • A team of Compliance Officers are on call to assist on issues concerning all aspects of premises and operating licences, compliance with Gambling Commission licence conditions, Local Authority premises licence queries and any matters applicable to security. All Compliance Officers are regionally based, covering every part of the UK
  • LCCP Evaluation and Training (free for new members) to ensure your policies and procedures are fully up to date, in the event of inspection by either the Gambling Commission or local authority (training is only available to members)
  • All members are entitled to attend Regional Meetings that take place three times a year. Our in-house legal Counsel also attends the meetings, giving you an opportunity to discuss relevant, important topics on the agenda such as MGD, Primary Gambling Activity and the Triennial Review.
  • We have extended our member services to include security alerts and spares discounts.
  • bacta will keep you up to date with key developments within the industry through a FREE subscription to Coinslot (the industry weekly magazine).
  • You can have your say on issues affecting your business such as the Gambling Review, Triennial, Taxation and Health & Safety.
  • Influence key regulations regarding the Gambling Act and other new legislation relevant to members.
  • Strong political lobbying platform both at Westminster and Holyrood.
  • In contact with key industry personnel from other trade associations and government bodies.
  • Respected LCCP Social Responsibility training throughout the country.
  • Have your say at our Regional meetings and, if elected, our Divisional meetings and National Council meetings.
  • Free copy of the bacta Toolkit to ensure compliance with the Gambling Act.
  • Free independent arbitration service.
  • Free market research reports and industry data for all members.
  • Access to the 'members only' area of the bacta website with access to key information on Machine Guidelines and Codes of Practice.
  • Stand exhibition discounts at EAG Expo.
  • Free EAG-Expo tickets for yourself, a guest and two employees.
  • Take advantage of using the free access to the bacta members' lounge to take time out from the busy show floor to relax and enjoy FREE tea/coffee, mingle with other members and read the papers. Hot meals and snacks can also be purchased within the lounge.
  • Savings on gas and electricty for bacta members

bacta Voting Procedure

Annual General Meeting

At the AGM, normally held in November of each year, elections take place to elect office bearers and divisional representatives. The Trustees, Treasurer, bacta Charitable Trust Trustees and five Divisional representatives are elected at the AGM each year. The Trustees, Treasurer and BCT Trustees are elected for a one year term of office, and the Divisional representatives for a three year term.

February Divisional Meeting

Every two years at the Divisional meetings in February, the President, Vice President, four Divisional Chairmen, and four Divisional Vice Chairmen are nominated for a two year term of office.

Five members from each Division are also elected onto National Council for a one year term of office.

2 members of each Division are also elected onto the standing complaints committee for a one year term of office.

1 member is elected to serve with the Vice Chairman on the Security Committee for a one year term of office.

Associate members are not eligible for member voting rights.

How Much does it Cost to Join bacta?

Membership costs are related to the Division you are in and the size of your company. The subscription year runs from 1 October to 31 September and payments can either be paid by cheque for the year or by a direct debit arrangement on a monthly or quarterly basis.

If you join bacta in the middle of the membership year, your subscription cost will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Please contact Theresa Risby on or 0207 730 6444 for more details.