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Annual Examination of Amusement Devices

All passenger carrying amusement devices must undergo an annual thorough examination. This is a requirement of the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).

To meet this requirement, the industry associations in consultation with the HSE have devised an approved scheme for the examination of all fairground equipment.

This scheme is known as ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme) and is administered by ADIPS LTD.

To meet the specific requirements of the coin-op industry, which in general tends to be less hazardous than large fairground rides, together with different operating environments (in many cases units are sited separately) a second category of ADIPS was devised - Category 2. ADIPS is administered by bacta for members and non members.

The object of ADIPS is to ensure the safety of the public in general, passengers & operators when using, working on or in the proximity of an amusement device. bacta have produced booklets for guidance on the manufacture, operation, maintenance & examination of coin-operated amusement devices

An annex to the safety guide defines the types of equipment that may be examined under the bacta Category 2 scheme. Under the ADIPS examination scheme each ride must have certain documentation.

This consists of a DOC (Declaration of Operational Compliance), a Report of Inspection and a valid official sticker (or plate) attached to the device.