Wednesday 14 November 2018

Tel: 020 7730 6444
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who Can join bacta?

    Membership of bacta is open to owners/proprietors/directors who operate within one of bacta's 4 Divisions. bacta membership is only available to UK companies.
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  2. Why Should I Join bacta?

    bacta membership is highly regarded by both the Gambling Commission and the Government. By becoming a bacta member you can show Local Authorities that you abide by a suggested Code of Practice and are therefore responsible.

    This is particularly important in the light of new LCCP. Being a member of bacta means that you have the chance to have your say in Governmental issues and source all the benefits that bacta has to offer its members.
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  3. How Much Does it Cost to Join bacta?

    Membership of bacta is calculated on an annual basis and can be paid either by monthly Direct Debit, or in full. Costs are based on the size and type of your company. To find out how much it will cost to join bacta before submitting your application form, please contact Theresa Risby or call 0207 730 6444.

  4. How Do I Join?

    If you would like to join bacta, please either phone or send an email to us registering your interest and we will send you an application form.
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  5. How Do I Set Up a Family Entertainment Centre/Adult Gaming Centre?

    Contact Phil Silver, Senior Compliance Officer on for more details.

  6. Where Can I Find Out More About Licenses?

    To find out how to obtain a licence or if you have been refused a licence for whatever reason, please contact Phil Silver at:

  7. Is There a Code of Conduct for bacta Members?

    Yes, bacta have devised a recommended Code of Practice which all bacta members agree to adhere to. If you are an existing member you can view the Code of Practice in the 'Members Only' section.

  8. Where Can I Register a Complaint About an Arcade?

    Complaints should be raised with the Arcade Manager. However, extra assistance can be available through bacta's Compliance Team.

    bacta members can view The Budd Report, A Bet for Success and the current Draft Gambling Bill from the 'Members Only' section of the bacta website.