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bacta's Four Divisions

Division 1 - Family Entertainment Centres

There are around 1000 in the country, varying from Brighton Pier, large seaside arcades to shop sized units. Most of the centres are part of very small groups, which are usually owner-operated. The majority of the centres are open all year, which enables them to employ permanent staff. Their busiest times are during the summer season and weekends.

Seaside amusement arcades are a valuable part of the seaside as a core activity and a great provider of typical seaside entertainment. As a visitor attraction and a major employer, seaside arcades are a big contributor to the seaside and tourist economy.

A typical site will have a designated area for the Category C machines [all cash machines for use in adult-only environments] plus a large family area with videos, cranes, pushers and Category D gaming machines [traditional low prize cash or cash and token machines]. Many seaside arcades also have cafes, bingo, donkey derbies, children's rides and novelties etc.

The profitability of seaside amusement arcades has decreased in recent years due to social changes such as Sunday trading, foreign holidays and the impact of the National Lottery.

The Chairman of Division 1 is John Martin

Division 2 - Machine Suppliers

The companies in this division supply machines on a rental or share basis to retailers such as pubs, clubs etc. Whilst some suppliers concentrate on a limited product range, the majority will supply gaming machines, SWPs, Pool Tables, Juke Boxes etc, i.e. the full range of coin-operated machines available to be legally sited. Companies range in size from those with a few hundred machines to those with 30,000 plus.??

Machine suppliers normally purchase and own all machines supplied. They would operate a depot from where machines are prepared. Machines are installed and maintained by mobile service engineers and cash is often collected by mobile collectors, thus a full service can be provided by the supplier. Suppliers may operate locally from a single depot or be a regional or national operator with a number of depots. ??

The Chairman of Division 2 is Charles Baker

Division 3 - Adult Gaming Centres

There are around 1000 adult gaming centres in the country. The majority are completely adult-only (minimum age 18 years by law). Some adult gaming centres operate designated areas, but the trend is moving towards them all becoming adult only centres.

Most Adult Gaming Centres tend to be owned by private family companies operating between 1 and 50 centres with the majority being single owner-operated sites.

These centres are a valuable part of high street shopping. A typical centre would operate from premises between 800ft2 and 2000ft2 and would be a well-furnished venue offering free tea, coffee and basic refreshments. The majority in the country are now adult only.

The video-game market has collapsed for Adult Gaming Centres due to the limitations of space and competition from home computers etc, so the vast majority of centres contain fruit machines only with a bias towards Category C machines with the limited number of Category B3 machines permitted under the Gambling Act. Some centres also have bingo.

The public's dated perception of gaming centres being scruffy venues admitting children and offering predominantly video games is far removed from the current reality of high quality, modern, well-furnished venues offering an adult only entertainment environment with gaming machines only.

The Chairman of Division 3 is Marcus Kravis

Division 4 - Manufacturers & Distributors

Division 4 represents the interests of the manufacturers, importers, converters and distributors of machines and games, which are sold into the UK domestic market for use by members of Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

In addition to the domestic market, it also has a substantial worldwide export market including the USA, Germany, Japan, Holland and Spain.

Its members have consistently been at the forefront of leading edge technology through invention, design, development and implementation. The reason for emphasis on export and technology is that it shows the scope of our business is beyond the narrow confines of the UK and its machine businesses are a valuable asset to the economy.

The Chairman of Division 3 is Dean Harding